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By: Crystal Bozarth
Status: Unofficial Mix
Mixed: Oct 25th 2021
Genre: Pop

Friends was such a fun song to mix. I loved the production on it and Crystals voice and vocal performance is just smooth.

The session was a good size with over 40 tracks. What I like about sessions of this size is playing around with which sounds will be primary, which ones will be background and how will they interchange. 

Friends Cover.jpg

My 3 Goals With Every Mix

3 Mix Goals

Feel & 

Think about your favorite song... The first thing you probably thought about is how it made you feel.

Music has always been described to me as the sound of emotion. As a mix engineer my job is to bring out that emotion.

Mono Compatibility

Phase Coherent.png

You actually listen to music in mono more often than you think. In restaurants, malls, even at concerts. 

The simple fact is you want your music to sound good in every situation and so do I. 

System Translation

Getting a mix to sound good on one system is easy. Getting a mix to sound equally good on all systems is a bigger challenge. Which is why I don't mix with just my speakers in mind but with all speakers in mind.


You Decide The Price

Pay what you think is fair... you get my best work either way


During my 20+ years of working in audio I've worked with big and small budget bands. 

The one thing that doesn't change is the quality of my work and the pride I take in delivering a great mix.

So, I'm leaving it up to you to decide my payment.

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5 Simple Steps To Start Your Mix

Getting Started
Step 1.
Fill Out The Form
Step 2.
Prep your files
Step 3.
Send your files
Step 4.
Review The Mix
Step 5.
Pay Me

1. The Form

Tell Me About Your Music

Thank You

2. How To Prep Your Files

1. All tracks are edited and consolidated

Make sure that all comps, pitch corrections, time corrections and major editing is finalized before sending it off for mixing. 

2. All tracks start at 0:00:00:000

In order for the tracks to sync up in my system the all need to have the same starting point

3. Original recorded file type & resolution

If your original recording is 24 bit/48kHz WAV files, send me that file type and resolution. (No MP3's or any other lossy file types)

4. Name your tracks accordingly

Use the naming method of your choice. 

ie. Kick, Snare, Vocal Lead, Guitar, etc...

ie. Drums - Kick, Drums - Snare, Vox - Lead, Guitar - Rhythm, etc...

5. Zip it

- Include a document with Time Signature, Tempo, Bit/Sample rate and any other info you want to include.

- Collect the audio files in a folder.

- Name the folder (Date, Your Name, Song Name)

- Zip it and send it

3. Send Your Files

Use your large file sender of choice. There are many to choose from. As long as you send it to 

4. Review Your Mix

Your satisfaction with the mix is of course very important. Therefore, the mix isn't finished until that satisfaction has been reached.

5. Pay Me

By this point the mix is done and you are happy with the results. The best way to show how happy you are is financially because... I need to eat and pay bills too. 

You Decide the Value of My Work

Give Value

Simply select the value you want to give below

Just like creating a song, creating a mix is an art that takes time to complete.
Once the mix, reviews and changes are done. It typically breaks down to...


Time Spent/Song

24 Track Song - 12 Hours
32 Track Song - 16 Hours
48 Track Song - 24 Hours
Love It


How long till I get my mix?

Mixes are currently done on a first come first serve basis. I'll send you an email to let you know that I have started. Give it up to a week from that point.

Can I add files after the mix  has begun?

If I haven't started the mix and you want to swap out files please re-send your zipped files with the your corrected file lineup. No files will be added once mixing has begun. 

Do you master your mix?

I can, however I prefer not to master my own mixes. Proper mastering is just as much of an art as mixing which is why there are dedicated mastering engineers. You also get a better result when the song gets mastered in a different room than it was mixed in and another set of ears.

What gear do you use?

Pro Tools, plugins, my ears and decades of experience.

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