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Whether your songs were recorded at home or in a professional studio, your songs need to stand out and sound amazing. That is my single mission with your songs. 


More than 20 Years of Experience in Live and Studio Sound

Worked with Multiple Award Winning Producers and Artists

Mixing and Mastering Experience Across Multiple Genres


Baby Harry


"WOW JUST WOW!! I didn't know that I could sound this good. Man you have inspired me. I was only going to do a few songs now I want to release a whole album."

Ky is the real deal. He more than knows his way around the board. Just tell him what you want and let him do his thing. He is the only engineer that I feel comfortable giving the green light to do whatever he wants.

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Gypsy White Moon Cover_edited.jpg



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Alt. Rock




Every project is different, so is every project budget. 

Which is why every project will have a custom value. The prices below will give you a general idea of your custom project budget.

Starting from



Vocal Mix & Master

Get your vocals mixed on a pre-mixed instrumental or beat.


  • Up to 6 vocal tracks

  • Track/beat tune-up

  • 2 Revisions


  • Additional vocal tracks $10/track

  • Vocal Tuning $50

  • Additional Revisions ($20/revision)

Starting from



Mix & Master

Most Popular

From raw individual tracks to a polished finished mastered mix.


  • Up to 24 tracks

  • Vocal Tuning

  • Drum Editing & Time Correction

  • Custom Mix

  • Basic Mastering Package

  • 2 Revisions


  • Additional tracks $10/track

  • Additional Revisions ($20/revision)

Starting from




Taking the mix and optimizing your song for optimal listenability across various platforms.


  • Stereo Master in Original Resolution

  • Stereo Masters for up to 3 Streaming Platforms

  • 2 Revisions


  • Mastered Stems $50

  • Additional Revisions ($20/revision)


Get in Touch

Creating your personal customized mix starts with getting to know a bit about you and your music. 

What's Next

Once you hit the "LET'S GO" button you will get an email with 3 questions about your music.

You will also receive an email with instructions on how to prepare and send your files for mixing.

Ready to Get Started?

Meet Your Mix Engineer


My Purpose

Success is important. It's important to you, me and everyone. The desire to achieve is what drove me to win multiple national championships in athletics. That same desire drove me for the past 20+ years in my recording career where I have worked in top studios with great artists and have taught multiple award winning engineers.

What I Bring to Your Songs

Musicians gain a huge benefit by knowing and studying how to play various styles of their instrument. The same goes for mixing. Throughout my 20+ years in music I have recorded, studied and mixed every genre I can think of and more. Giving you a truly unique mix to match your unique style.



Mixing vs. mastering, what's the difference?

Think of it in terms of making an elaborate wedding cake.

The band knows what they want the end result to be but don't know how to achieve it. As the band you provide the vision and instrumentation (drums, bass, vocals, etc...)which are like the ingredients. 

Mixing is taking those ingredients and making a delicious cake with icing. it can be layered, have multiple levels, etc..., just like a song can be mixed to sound narrow or wide, clean or dirty, thick or thin there are many possibilities.

Now that you have a cake that will taste amazing / a song that sounds amazing, mastering is like the cake decorator where the finishing touches are added to make it look and sound just that little bit better to make everyone want a piece.

How long till I get my mix?

Mixes are currently done on a first come first serve basis. I'll send you an email to let you know that I have started. Give it up to a week from that point.

Can I add files after the mix  has begun?

If I haven't started the mix and you want to swap out files please re-send your zipped files with the your corrected file lineup. No files will be added once mixing has begun. 

What gear do you use?

Pro Tools, plugins, my ears and decades of experience.

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